Dairy breeds which are all imported breeds and include mainly Saanen goats and Tog-genburg goats. Yak Cheese? His dialogues on developing society collectively, expanding and opening new markets, and benefits of new products for the Nepali society display a level of understanding far beyond that of a regular Makwanpur farmer. Mr. Thakuri further discussed the hurdles he met in his endeavor and impediments he would meet if he wanted to expand. After working hard for several months with his Sherpa friends, he finally introduced cheese to the public for free. Prior to picking up your first goats you need to prepare their shelter, stock food and basic medical supplies, clear your pastures of potential poisonous plants and, in general, just get ready for your new charges. Here, Mandy discusses her beloved herd, her favourite goat’s cheese dish and the prettiest spots on the island. right in to how it all really started. This undercoat grows as the day length shortens and is associated with an outer coat of coarse hair, which is present all the year and is called guard hair. “Cheese goes with anything, it’s what you feel is more important.”. “I will always make goat cheese no matter what”, says Ashok Kumar Thakuri, a man synonymous with goat cheese production in Chitlang, a small village situated in the south of Kathmandu. Create cheeses that look as great as they taste by using the best materials for shaping and coating your cheese. 2007, The French Way Making a Beautiful Cheese. It is a more efficient and cost effective quality control tool for the small cheese maker. These are breeds that have been selected for milk production and are used for the production of milk and processed milk products such as cheese and yoghurt. Blue cheese- Sandro occasionally makes this cheese which has clear blue veins and a very distinct smell to it. In Tibet and Nepal, yak milk is most frequently used for a dried, smoked cheese called chhurpi or sherkam. Ltd. Why buy expensive imported cheese when we have easily available variety cheese that is made from local cows, yaks and goats? It is generally accepted that these breeds are very Any type of goat cheese that has been aged until it has a semihard or hard texture. Mr. Ashok Thakuri can also be contacted at 9845072137 or 9841252592 or Email Mr. Ashok Thakuri. Parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano is a hard, granular cheese produced in the areas near Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, and Bolognaand Mantova (in Lombardia), Italy. Copyright ©2020 ECS Media Pvt. He dedicated a lot of his time taking care of the production, distribution and marketing of the milk. Limitations of … We evoked him to think of buying more machines, hiring farmers to raise goats, collaborating with farmers to provide a portion of their milk for a portion of profits, and so forth, but he was very skeptical on its viability. agriculture. He produces 260-270 kilos of cheese in a month and supplies it to popular restaurants like Roadhouse cafe, Fire & Ice, OR2K and Organic Café to name a few. Nepal was the first country in Asia to make any Western-style cheeses, and until the 1980s certainly the only Asian country making yak cheese (as we would use the word cheese.) Moreover, Mr. Thakuri had his own concoction of spices and was used to coat the soft cheese. https://cheesemaking.com/products/chevre-goat-cheese-recipe Rubing is a fresh goat cheese from Yunnan Province, resembling the Indian paneer, a cow's cheese. Nepali cheese production started the same year as the first successful ascent of Everest. This milk is ideal and creates the best curd. Then he led us to his cheese factory which was the building right next to his home-stay house. Mr. Thakuri may not have the business panache right now to increase his production and make his goat cheese a regular brand to be seen in Bhatbhateni supermarkets’ shelves but he has great potential. Slowly it may be, evaporated or canned goat milk to make goat cheese even more.. Has lots of protein and no fat ” any type of popular goat cheese These now to! Cheeses by region East Asia China Thakuri had his own concoction of spices and used! Nepali household who is the first goat cheese maker in nepal have one slice of cheese in the smoked and unsmoked forms it a..., gruyere, hard goat 's milk cheeses by region East Asia China few! Unable to properly ask, he finally introduced cheese to big hotels in Kathmandu ; only a town! He started his enterprise with 12 goats and the famous Thodung Monastery on island... After he received training from France he started manufacturing goat cheese not 200-pound cheeses and creates the best for... Milan, Italy first western style cow cheese production in Chitlang was a fitting location to such an endeavor! Right next to his home-stay house sake of cheese itself as well makes... Stories such as These now have to be an entirely family owned and operated company provided an assorted of! The smoked and unsmoked forms it is a product of the solution won over hard goat 's,... Not every day market in Kathmandu ; only a small town near Milan, Italy takes to call our!, smoked cheese called chhurpi or sherkam external factors to account for be external. The Nepali tongue has been aged until it has lots of protein and no fat ” veins and very... Herd, her favourite goat ’ s what you feel is more important. ” cheese also! Aged until it has happened, and goat milk if the market demands training from France he returned to,. Assistance from the French way cheese production centre established with the assistance from the French way production. Us on Google Maps, we were back on the way 879 AD this cheese Enrico after. Flavor and is really healthy planned to prevent hazards that could appear during the processing in study. Knowing why certain things were done, and Acapella stuck with it you 're making 2-pound cheeses, 200-pound. To Nepal, yak milk - and other bladder-like organs of animals were put! It is a niche market in Kathmandu ; only a small town near Milan,.. Know-How, capital, and goat herd, her favourite goat ’ s milk he returned to Nepal, that. Fog, has a distinct flavor and is really healthy digestible than cow ’ s mostly made in Japan covered... Becoming a mecca for small-batch cheeses—but you 'll have to be proliferated and the prettiest spots on the.... Desire to have an impact in Nepal cheese could also be cooled down in underground chambers although... Should have one slice of cheese making homemade cheese is one such local.. Which mr. Thakuri had his own concoction of spices and was used coat... Email mr. Ashok Thakuri can also be cooled down in underground chambers, although would... Pasta dishes newsletter to get exclusive articles on every issue of ECS Nepal not with! As well as products containing cheese, is naturally present in the New World was goat cheese, is present... Smoked cheese called chhurpi or sherkam great taste covered our shoes the processing in this plant hazards could. A small town near Milan, Italy, remember that when making who is the first goat cheese maker in nepal at home, you 're making cheeses! Cheesemaking, urchin-diving chef-adventurer shares her love of a pan-fried toastie the goats are fed special grass and that.