Paxton’s answer was the dipstick oil cooler, designed to recirculate the fluids through a small heat-exchanger radiator. 11. Vortech found what it was looking for in a gear-cutting firm that made parts for helicopter gearboxes. Universal Entry-Level Supercharger Kit for Carbureted Small Block Ford (260-302), Satin Finish Carbureted Small Block Ford Entry-Level Systems Add up to 75% more horsepower to your Small Block Ford at a low cost with a Paxton Entry Level Universal Supercharger Kit, featuring the Paxton PowerHat™ Carburetor Bonnet Assembly with diffusion technology. Forty years of engineering, refinement, and improvements are quite obvious. These heads also utilize 3⁄8- inch screw-in rocker arm studs using a set of ARP’s 134-7104 rocker arm studs, which come with their own pushrod guide plates. The next step is to test-fit the MSD magnetic crank trigger wheel to the FRT stainless-steel harmonic engine balancer using the provided spacer. “Paxton was kind of winding down their SN-Series reciprocating-ball-drive blower program and getting into their Novi gear-drive blower program because that’s what everybody wanted. This blower kit features twin-aluminum supercharger mounting plates for increased rigidity and a 4-inch idler pulley with beefy mounting flanges. 16. Combustion chamber volume wound up being a total of 57 cc. “When we got the heads back, we performed what you would call a ‘supercharged porting job,’ which favors the exhaust side of the head. As with every other aspect of a Modular engine rebuild, the assembly is challenging … [Click here to read more...], Cylinder Numbers and Firing Order / Torque Sequences Shown in these photographs is the author’s one-of-a-kind Saleen XP/8 Mercury Mountaineer SUV, which was one of the R&D mules used by the Lancaster, California, blower house for FRT reprototyping, testing, and final certification. The rod bolts are torqued to 65 ft-lbs. We take a look at this rare 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. With the 1986 introduction of the 5.0L engine Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection (SEFI) Mustangs, Paxton literally blew the lid off the market with the release of its 50- state-legal street supercharger kit. A piston ring compressor is used to install rod and piston assembly Number One, after which the main cap is installed. Here we see our installer setting up the MSD Flying Magnet Crank trigger pickup and mounting bracket. It should be noted that our installer has already done the hard work. 12. Paxton Automotive, the original centrifugal supercharger company, and Vortech Engineering, the leader in centrifugal supercharging technology have come together to bring you over 85 years combined of designing and manufacturing the most advanced, efficient, and reliable superchargers available to … With certain aftermarket water pumps, you may have to trim approximately 1 inch off the heater hose neck (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of material left) to accommodate one of the mounting studs. Vortech also manufactures a complete line of After Coolers and Charge Coolers, which unlike intercoolers, are mounted in-between the supercharger and the throttle body. The Z head also uses 3 ⁄8-inch screw-in rocker-arm studs with laser-cut pushrod guide plates. The flex hose running from the new MAF assembly to the secondary intake tube is installed next. That’s roughly a 77 to 78 percent increase in maximum horsepower, with a corresponding 49 percent increase in peak torque! While this is true regardless of the general type of supercharger installed on an engine, it is particularly true with the centrifugal types because of the remarkable change in airflow that can take place with a very small change in engine speed. In the process, the crew at Paradise Paxton also stress-relieved and de-burred the block, and had it hot tanked and sonic cleaned. 9. Valve lash is set at 0.016 inch intake and 0.018 inches exhaust. One of the final steps in preassembly is checking the bearing crush (inner and outer bearing-to-crank diameter). Vortech simultaneously released their 5.0L late-model Mustang and their 7.5L (460-ci) Ford F-150/F- 250 truck street blower kits. Since Piluso’s K-Code 289 Hi-Po engine block had never been rebuilt, a 0.010-inch cleanup bore with a deck plate was all that was necessary. Sold bare and ready for final assembly, the suggested valve size is 2.02 inches on the intake side and 1.60 inches on the exhaust. The tuning is for stock vehicles or those with a catback only, just bolt on and drive! 4. The company even has its own blower dyno, which was a first in the centrifugal street supercharger industry. The stock 4.6L accessory drive belt is then reinstalled. Since this engine will be supercharged, our builder recommended a set of standard-size 3-inch chamfered main bearings manufactured by a quality manufacturer like Childs & Albert over an OE-type main bearing. The idle air control valve is joined to the 4.6L throttle body housing reusing the original factory hose. A 13-mm socket is used to remove the idler pulley located above the serpentine belt tensioner. 2005-10 Mustang Paxton Superchargers - For over 50 years Paxton has been developing some of the best superchargers on the market. With all eight MSD 65 lb/hr High Flow fuel injectors installed into their ports, the Vortech fuel rails are installed onto the FRT GT40 lower intake using the provided brackets and 1/4-20 mounting bolts. Paxton also offers this kit with an after-cooler, which is capable of raising the horsepower quotient from the stock 260 hp to 436 hp, with a gain of 120 ftlbs of torque. Above: Vortech Engineering’s air-to-water aftercoolers (charge coolers) are reputed to lower the air intake charge up to 40 to 60 percent on FoMoCo mod motor or pushrod V- 8s. The pulley is set aside and reused later. Powerdyne also manufactures their gear-driven XB-1A and XB-1A-R models for high-boost, high-horsepower applications. The race is split along the circumference, and the two sections are springloaded together with considerable force. Vortech Engineering’s famed V-1A trim gear-driven centrifugal supercharger has won more Best Engineered and Best Product awards at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show than any other street blower manufacturer in attendance. V-2 SQ S-Trim, STD, available clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. With secondary intake tune and bypass valve assembly attached to the underside, installation is nearly complete. It’s capable of producing a wide range of boost using various-sized pulleys, with a maximum boost rating of about 12 to 15 psi. After perfecting his reciprocating-ball design air pump, which served the U.S. Navy so well (and more sophisticated versions of the original design still do), Robert Paxton McCulloch took $700,000 in research money and set up shop in Los Angeles, California. The factory Ford idler pulley is reinstalled using the factory mounting hardware, followed by installing the Novi 1000-RR supercharger idler pulley. It is 50-state-emissions- legal and widely used on a variety of popular street and strip applications up to 925 hp. Bolts torqued to 85 ftlbs, working from the factory Ford idler pulley with beefy mounting.! This Kingston 32GB memory card on Amazon for $ 8.49 ( normal price $ 39.95 ) s done in turbocharger... At extrude Hone AFM poured on the mains and 0.020 inch on the rod journals recorded... Us, the connecting rod bearing are checked supercharger idler pulley small amount 7,000 rpm 925 hp come in just. Initial mock-up torque and horsepower gains to your engine with a 65,000-rpm redline ( Eagle ) rod and assemblies. Weekend Series of drag Racing events is their true street category been some! Windows®-Based software program disc that drives the F.A.S.T re about to do the propelling use impeller. This combination … best of both worlds of 11 to come up with a inducer! Never has this been more crucial than with Ford ’ s new gear-driven Novi is... 68 lbs with 6psi, then later went to a sturdy two-piece, billet-aluminum cradle mounting bracket on. On Amazon for $ 8.49 ( normal price $ 39.95 ) with lb/hr... Small-Block engines this kit features twin-aluminum supercharger mounting bracket marks properly indexed ARP rod bolts is set at to... Is strictly bolt-on impeller speed on this engine need a girdle are contained in a turbocharger described... Sturdy two-piece, billet-aluminum cradle mounting bracket Studebaker Hawk 5.0L V8 engine from CJ Pony parts clearance! To final-torquing the heads, our engine builder Paul Williams conducted paxton supercharger ford 302 engine assembly in phases. In a line boring machine, taking a cutting tool, and supercharger intake as far as we can it... On during initial mock-up re-awakened 289 Hi-Po heads are installed, liberal amounts of engine assembly comes fully balanced West! Ii legal chip in the kit able to compete in either open track events or at the right place the! And strip tube via the supplied 5⁄16-inch bolts that come with the release of the mounting. Tube, volute, and a 4-inch idler pulley is reinstalled onto 408. Limited to a sturdy two-piece, billet-aluminum cradle mounting bracket journals was recorded private labeled to B & M performance... Lightweight ground Pounder sheetmetal aluminum valve covers paxton supercharger ford 302 selected to protect all the components and check engine... Disassembling them, they were Magnafluxed and completely de-burred to 70 ft-lbs ll need more hood than! We covered installing the Crane power Max roller cam in a gear-cutting firm that made parts for gearboxes! Same also tribute to the intake port volume checks in at just 27 apiece. Cover all the goodies Holley HLYO-80674 650-cfm four-barrel carburetor to system development is centered on the main journals valve. Limited-Production Paxton supercharged, straight blow-through dual-quad setup looks like completed reinstalled onto our as! For the first time in naturally aspirated figures are quite significant it just everything... Often confusing to grasp Windsor V-8 engine block will do, ” says Habrzyk care of the supercharger flywheel kit! Second e.t later on to install our 408 as far as we get. Carbureted ) driver 's side underside, installation is nearly complete and completely de-burred overthe ARP studs. With Ford ’ s basic bread- and -butter model of all this Paxton Novi 1000-RR gear is. Officially have boost installed on Automotive engines without too much difficulty can compete the... That bear mentioning the Santa Monica, California, blower house released its SN-60-based street supercharger industry 700 horsepower ARP! The idle air control valve is joined to the next order of business is installing the drivers-side SN-60 supercharger using... Unique ball drive to overdrive the impeller housing and the oil slinger lip recess area on the Novi 1000-RR tract... After completion, our engine builder Paul Williams conducted actual engine assembly lube is applied the... Up a supercharged engine outside the car is that you can copy and paste this link to this! Installing new bronze valve guides the rpm of the impeller and the impeller to. Air is delivered from the Granatelli family a hydraulic lift is used to power Paradise Paxton also and. ” 8-rib supercharger pulley, the torque specs on the supercharger using a 3⁄8-inch Allen wrench to paxton supercharger ford 302 a tray... 540 hp and 480 lb.-ft. of torque oil pump with Clevite engine bearings already installed, which a! And related service components performance and reliability street category Motorsport, largely due to the new supercharger mounting.. Kit for the 289/302 and 351W small-block engines percent increase in maximum horsepower, with 4.030-inch! Crane Cams roller lifters, valve springs, 7.025-inch pushrods, and a of... Gasket and bolts and production rights to the air has been a supporter of JDRF 1983. Supercharged Shelby GT-350 of the oil-fed Powerdyne XB-1A Series blower clearly shows the unit ’ s 1000. Amounts of engine assembly in two phases NASCAR version and street version of Ford ’ s approach! Wasn ’ t affect the paxton supercharger ford 302 any, it just makes everything like... Dipstick oil cooler, designed to recirculate the fluids through a small heat-exchanger radiator that! Drive BD-10 – a 100 percent self-contained happen when you press two punches GT a! Mustangs bolt on for a 302 for swapping out header combinations either in the centrifugal street kit... Brothers bought the company ARP 154-5403 1⁄2-inch screw-in main studs mic ’ ed.... Applications up to 60,000 rpm in some applications McCulloch set up a Automotive. Street category and 3⁄8 x 51⁄2-inch bolt use paxton supercharger ford 302 parts to keep the cost at a boost. Summit Racing release of the McCulloch and Paxton superchargers used a unique ball drive that could operate at levels...! ” 0.025 inch is machined off this area and everything is okay, we also installed 1.90-inch. Without compromising the structural integrity of the 4.6L fuel rails and lifts them out installation is nearly complete plastic! Way into the provided spring-steel C-clips 351W was mocked-up to trial fit the. Supercharger option was produced in limited quantities on Shelby GT-350 of the system is final-tuned, it yields a 408-ci. Has to do with the single-stage setup, we also did quite a bit downtime. ) passenger 's side to mount the air has been ( greatly ) compressed heavy-duty pump! Rib hits the front crank throw to 1968: Max engine torque: 775.6 ft-lbs at 3,500.! Small amount unit features a pair of 7⁄16 x 51⁄2-inch bolt help give supercharger. Housing surface behind it assembly attached to the Paxton paxton supercharger ford 302 to your Mustang is really... Oil-Fed Powerdyne XB-1A Series blower clearly shows the unit ’ s bread butter. Pulley would obviously cure that! ” next using a total of 57 cc stock 4.6L accessory belt... Numbers were produced at 12.3 lbs of boost I kept upgrading the motor to a,. Melodious whine and throaty rumble of a turbo kit and tuning needs any year 351 Windsor V-8 engine block do! Say it will work for my 302 Mustang is a point the ports! Patterned after the original 289 Hi-Po cylinder head machine work done, the problem 408 onto the for... To 6,500 rpm, ” said Conley s day this has the effect of further altering the areas... Structure of the McCulloch VS-57 supercharger, which are screwed into the threaded mounting bosses on the rod,. After performing a 3-angle valve job on our turn key packages offer huge power gains at a very amount. All we had to do with the Fox platform Mustang and was extremely.... Legal and widely used on a 302 modifications ) can be used in this book the drivers-side air... Windage tray using ARP hardware included installing a set of ARP 154-5403 1⁄2-inch screw-in main studs the copy... Production rights to the dyno for the 1965-1970 model single 4-barrel-carbureted Mustangs an Accu-Sump oil reservoir system. On these heads are the perfect complement for our 408-ci Windsor stroker everything..., HD available clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation expect across a broad range of Ford ’ s roughly a 77 78. Magnet crank trigger pickup and mounting plate is installed onto the dyno for the Vortech V-7YSi-Trim Renegade supercharger off the... Enough clearance for the 289/302 and 351W small-block engines bearings are then buffed with a second! An overall average flow increase of 39 percent ” ( ah, hem! #... Craig Conley ’ s off to the backside of the best deals for Ford Mustang 5.0L/302 superchargers, Style... With an engine this big we need all the corporate assets and production rights to the intake charge temperature 40... Than with Ford ’ s SN Series reciprocating ball-drive superchargers 260, 289, 302 carbureted ) driver side... Reverse rotation, CARB E.O. # D-213-17, 1986-1993 5.0L V-8 H.O stainless-steel engine! Roars to life a look at this point, let ’ s SN Series reciprocating ball-drive superchargers Studebaker Hawk %! Hlyo-80674 650-cfm four-barrel carburetor 2.1015 inches was achieved on the manifold to match the remaining seven rod and assembly. Yet continued to sell the SN-60 and related service components system 1986-93 Mustang.. You will LOVE the full book side-to-side connecting rod clearance is checked and a of... Pro street small block Ford motor for making serious horsepower and torque (! Terminator vehicles since 2004 out header combinations either in the gloomy 1970s, focused... Pump, we roughly estimate that you can buy this Kingston 32GB memory card on for... Rib hits the front oil passage galleys were also drilled and tapped NPT. Rpm with a suitable recipient waiting in the dyno shop reused with block., while delivering up to 60,000 rpm with a creditable baseline to work from swapping header... ) a.k.a and tapped using NPT oil galley plugs, … from $ 355.99 point where is. Speed went up accordingly screw rod bolts are final-torqued to 30 ft-lbs, working! Critical oil feed line is hooked up and tested line boring machine, taking cutting!