The key to a reusable UI component is that it gets all of its data from props. The display component displays a random password. const Button = styled. I've spent the last year helping build a design system. We can do better. Pass data via props. That way, we can style each component separately and compose them with other components if needed. We'd have a .button class that could be … Published: Mon Apr 29. No application behaviour should be assumed unless explicitly defined through those props. First method is the most common. In the good old days, we used to style things using classes. Components come in two flavors: ... we have a search component which is a text box coupled with a button. Write Your TS in a Way that Enables Auto Documentation. Companies usually create interfaces consisting of many independent components that can be reused. When writing reusable components, you can leverage powerful tools like Bit. speed. number (default: 250) Duration in milliseconds for scrolling to top . I will also go through some of the best practices that I think can help build better reusable components in React. As you can now see that we have made a pretty reusable React Button component. You can find the source code here. Base classes are not removed. Next, add the following code below the import statements: In your This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a component in React that can be used as a ‘like’ or counter button. Button Component Style. In the assets/js directory, create a new directory called components/ and inside, a new file called Button.js. Think of a component as a wrapper for a